Police Brutality in Amona

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The goal of this mini-site is to establish proof of widespread police brutality during the events at Amona and subsequently.

All the images and resources on this page show conclusive evidence of excessive police violence.

Additional evidence can be found here:

- Photo examples of possible police brutality
- Photos of wounded protesters and wounded protesters being carried away on stretchers
- 1st-hand accounts of police brutality

Note: a picture of a bloodied teenager is circumstantial evidence only and is not sufficient to prove that his/her wound was caused by police. The same is true for 1st-hand reports by potentially biased people. The viewer can decide whether the wealth of such evidence implies there was police brutality or not.

Here is a discussion about what "Police Brutality" means. Here is a short discussion on the need for checks and balances on power in Israel to prevent the kind of thing that happened in Amona. In addition, the Israel Policy Center prepared in-depth reports on previous police excesses before and during the Disengagement. Had their research been better heeded the much-worse abuses that happened at Amona could have been avoided.

We need your help.  If you have any photos, videos, eyewitness accounts or links to sites with the same please send them to Sam at sam@iris.org.il with the subject "Brutality".

- Sam


(Note: Some of these videos repeat some of the same scenes.)

Video #1 (or try: this enhanced version: A mounted policeman is seen galloping into a crowd, smashing into a civilian. The same scene is repeated three times with larger zoom angles. This is followed by a scene of police beating seated protestors with their batons. Source: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/news.php3?id=97839

Video #2 (If this link is slow try this one. For low-bandwidth connections click here. ) This video contains scenes of explicit police violence, including against MK Arye Medad. Source: SultanKnish

If the link above is slow try this one. For low-bandwidth connections click here.

Video #3

Video #4: a mounted policeman purposefully crashes his horse into a 60-year-old man.
The same video in Quicktime format


A note on methodology:

Purposely excluded from this page and the page with examples of possible police brutality are photos of people being carried off by police. Due to the large number of protesters and the possibility that some of them resisted arrest it is possible that forceful removal was required for some of them. Only photos of unnacceptable or possible unacceptable removal such as throwing protestors out windows are included.

Source: SultanKnish

No comment necessary.

No comment necessary.

In the foreground a policeman clearly is lowering his baton onto the back of a protester. In the red box a policeman holds a protester by the neck.

The horse's lifted hooves, proximity to the crowd (practically stepping on a protester's foot) and the reaction of the crowd show that the horse is being driven into the crowd, not merely edging it back which could have been done by edging in sideways.

Source: AFP via http://rotter.net/forum/scoops1/7568.shtml

Based on the expression of the boy he is apparently getting thrown out the window head first. This may be the "Before" version of the next photo.

Source: Bambili.com

This protester has been thrown head-first out a window. Probably the sequel to the previous photo.

Source: "Ba'am" (Not available elsewhere on the Internet)

9 against 1: Why are they still using their clubs?

With the protesters' backs to a wall and clearly on the defensive, the police attack with their clubs. Look carefully at the expression on the face of the policeman in the red box.

Still attacking with their clubs.

Was there no other way to move this protester?

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