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The Palestinians In Their Own Words

Palestinian Quote Sheet #46

Calls to war:

"Gather together, O fighters of Karameh, Litani and Beirut, raise your voices aloud: we shall die, we shall die, so that Palestine shall live. Our blood is your atonement, O Jerusalem, and our souls are your defenders, O Palestine. We swear unto the holy martyrs: until victory!"

--- statement issued by the student branch of Fatah, Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's faction of the PLO, in Nablus to commemorate Land Day. Karameh, Litani and Beirut were the sites of major battles between terrorists of the Palestine Liberation Organization and Israeli forces. (Al-Ayyam, 29 March 1998)

"We are ready for a military confrontation The bullets of the Black Panthers will strike at Netanyahu's soldiers."

--- from a statement issued by Fatah in Jenin announcing the reestablishment of the Black Panther military units (Al-Hayat Al-Jedida, 26 March 1998)

Threats of violence:

"If the situation continues without American intervention and without their requiring Israel to respect international law, then the Palestinian explosion is on the way, without a shadow of a doubt."

--- PA Minister of Post and Communications Imad Falouji (Middle East News Agency, 19 March 1998)

"Ahead of us lies an entire year - either we will establish an independent state in May or there will be many other options, among them a popular intifada."

--- Palestinian Legislative Council Member Abbas Zaki (Al-Arab Al-Yom, 16 March 1998)

"A vast wave of violence may break out in occupied western Jerusalem as long as the occupation authorities continue to adopt measures against Jerusalem residents."

--- Palestinian Legislative Council member Hatam Abdel Khader (Voice of Palestine, 29 March 1998)

This is the forty-sixth in a series of quote sheets prepared by

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