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More of Yasser Arafat In His Own Words

Palestinian Quote Sheet #40

On violence against Israel:

"When we stopped the Intifada we did not stop the Jihad [Islamic holy war] to establish Palestine with Jerusalem as our capital.... We know only one word: Jihad, Jihad, Jihad.... We are in a conflict with the Zionist movement, the Balfour Declaration, and all imperialist activity...."

--- Yasser Arafat, in a speech at the Dehaishe refugee camp near Bethlehem, 22 October 1996 (Yediot Aharonot, 23 October 1996). The Balfour Declaration was Britain's 1917 statement of support for a Jewish national home in the land of Israel.

"Are there no stones left in Hebron? Where are the stones and where are the mobs? Prepare yourselves for a struggle if the Israelis do not retreat from Hebron."

--- Yasser Arafat, addressing Arab legislators in Hebron, 22 October 1996 (Yediot Aharonot, 23 October 1996)

"War! War! Continue the struggle!"

--- Yasser Arafat, in a speech at the Dehaishe refugee camp near Bethlehem, 22 October 1996 (Arutz-7 Radio, 23 October 1996)

"We sacrifice our blood and ourselves for Palestine!"

--- Response chanted by the Palestinian crowd to Arafat's above call for war (Arutz-7 Radio, 23 October 1996)

"There is no doubt we must be prepared for all contingencies."

--- Yasser Arafat, in a speech to the Palestinian legislative council in Ramallah, 10 October 1996 (The Jerusalem Post, 11 October 1996). The remark was widely interpreted as threatening future violence if his demands are not met.

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