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The PLO In Its Own Words

PLO Quote Sheet #36

On the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Jenin, in northern Samaria:

"Liberated Jenin is just the first step. This year, we shall pray under the Palestinian flag in Bethlehem and we shall also pray in Jerusalem."
--- PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat, in a speech given in Jenin on 19 November 1995 after Israeli forces had left the city (Davar Rishon, 20 November 1995, page 2)
"Jenin is the first nail in Israel's coffin. We will agree to leave here only the dead Jews who are buried here. Like all Palestinians, I am happy that Arafat is here today in a liberated Palestinian city. With the help of Allah, all the land of Palestine will be liberated. The Jews must return to where they came from, to their diaspora.... Abu Ammar [Yasser Arafat] visited us and spoke with us... Abu Ammar also thinks as I do. In the long run - he will get all of Palestine. He will not give up on one inch of Palestinian land... I don't want to continue living in Gaza or Jenin. My place is in Palestinian Beersheba."
--- Suleiman Adwan, a PLO policeman and member of the "Al Quds" Brigade, which is stationed in Jenin (Davar Rishon, 20 November 1995, page 2)

On the liberation of Palestine:

"The struggle will continue until all of Palestine is liberated."
--- PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat (Voice of Palestine, 11 November 1995)

On changing the PLO Covenant, which calls for the destruction of Israel:

"We have no intention of changing or nullifying the Covenant, rather, we will adhere to it until our last breath since it embodies the essence of our demands."
--- Tayseer Qaba, deputy chairman of the PLO's Palestine National Council (A-Nahar, 19 September 1995, page 16)

This is the thirty-sixth in a series of quote sheets prepared by

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