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The P.L.O. in its own words

Quote Sheet #33

On renewing the intifada:

"There will be an intifada not just in Jerusalem, but in all the occupied territories and in all the Middle East."
--- Feisal Husseini, Minister for Jerusalem Affairs in the P.L.O.'s Palestinian Authority (Voice of Israel, 21 May 1995; Haaretz, 22 May 1995)

On Israel:

"I say once more that Israel shall remain the principal enemy of the Palestinian people, not only now but also in the future."
--- Freih Abu Middein, Minister of Justice in the P.L.O.'s Palestinian Authority, in a speech read in the name of P.L.O. Chairman Yasser Arafat at the Shawa Cultural Center in Gaza City (Voice of Palestine, 12 May 1995)

On Jerusalem:

"We promise you, oh our great nation, and we promise you, oh our pure martyrs, that we will continue the revolution until the victory and until the flag of my country flies over the towers of Jerusalem. This is a revolution until victory."
--- P.L.O. Chairman Yasser Arafat, in a message to mark Land Day (Voice of Palestine, 31 March 1995)

On support for terrorist attacks against Israel:

"People feel that the militants are right because Israel has not honored the accords."
--- Feisal Husseini, Minister for Jerusalem Affairs in the P.L.O.'s Palestinian Authority, speaking to reporters in Saudi Arabia (The Jerusalem Post, 16 April 1995)

This is the thirty-third in a series of quote sheets prepared by

IRIS (Information Regarding Israel's Security)

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