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Quote Sheet #30

On killing Israelis:

"Holy war is our path. My death will be martyrdom. I will knock on the gates of Paradise with the skulls of the sons of Zion."
--- Ayman Radi, a traffic policeman in the P.L.O. police force, in a written note to his family before he carried out a suicide bombing in Jerusalem that wounded 13 Israelis (The New York Times, 26 December 1994)

On the intifada:

"We must always remember that our enemy is the Israeli occupation, and it is incumbent upon us to continue to struggle against it through the blessed intifada... Only the intifada can carry our nation to a more advanced stage."
--- Farouk Qaddumi, head of the P.L.O.'s Political Department (Ha'aretz, 16 December 1994)

On a Palestinian state:

"We are going to continue the Palestinian revolution until the last martyr to create a Palestinian state."
--- Yasser Arafat, Chairman of the P.L.O., in a speech in Gaza City marking the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Fatah faction of the P.L.O. (Agence France Presse, 1 January 1995)

On putting a halt to Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorism:

"We will not become a tool in Israel's hands with which it can hit the Islamic opposition."
--- Nabil Shaath, Minister of Planning for the P.L.O.'s Palestinian Authority (Reuters, 16 November 1994)

This is the thirtieth in a series of quote sheets prepared by

IRIS (Information Regarding Israel's Security)

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