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The Palestine Liberation Organization

PLO Logo The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Note that its emblem, like that of other Palestinian terrorist groups, displays a map of all of the State of Israel -- not just those areas administered by Israel since 1967.

Though the PLO claims that it recognizes Israel's right to exist and wants to found a state only in Gaza and the West Bank, its official stationery, bearing its official emblem, betrays its true goals. As PLO officials have indicated repeatedly, the organization has designs on conquering all of Israel. These aims have been incorporated into the PLO Charter and the PLO's "phased plan" for Israel's destruction.

Founded in 1964 by the Arab League, the PLO was the invention of Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser. Nasser saw it as a means to advance Egypt's goals of uniting the Arab world under Egyptian rule, by rallying the Arab states under the banner of destroying Israel.

Since 1969, the PLO has been run by Chairman Yasser Arafat and his terrorist group, Fatah.

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